Kill 99.99% of germs with
BioProtect Hand Sanitizer

Global BioProtect launches FDA-approved, patented hand sanitizer in 100% recyclable, air-powered can that provides four times the application of pump bottles.

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BioProtect Sanitizer Bottles

Kills 45 strains
of bacteria, fungi
and viruses

Recyclable, air-powered
can that allows 99% of
product usage

Precise application –
4 times more efficient
than pump bottles

Enriched with
aloe vera and a
fresh citrus scent

non-alcohol, water-
based formula

Alcohol formula uses
isopropyl alcohol 75% and
moisturizes with glycerin

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Advanced Packaging Technology

The 100% recyclable bag-on-valve can uses compressed air instead of chemicals, allowing more than 99% of the hand sanitizer to be used and providing you with true value for your money.

BioProtect’s air-powered can gives a steady spray and doesn’t spill. The packaging technology delivers a precise application – more than 1,000 sprays compared to 250 pump applications for an 8-ounce bottle – and will last twice as long.

By using a patented antibacterial technology, BioProtect hand sanitizer kills 99.99% of germs, including those that cause pneumonia, staph infections, colds and the flu.

Available in Non-Alcohol and Alcohol Formulas

Alcohol-based hand sanitizers can be highly flammable, posing a risk of being ingested and can be very drying. BioProtect non-alcohol sanitizer is water-based, making it safer in settings where children are present and leaving users with hands that are soft instead of irritated.

For industries that require an alcohol-based hand sanitizer, BioProtect offers an alcohol formula that is non-drying and dries quickly, leaving no sticky residue.

Private Label Hand Sanitizer

• Alcohol hand sanitizer available in 8-ounce non-aerosol can

• Non-alcohol hand sanitizer available in 8-ounce non-aerosol can, 32-ounce, 64-ounce and 128-ounce liquid refill bottles

Alcohol hand sanitizer
available in:
• 8-ounce non-aerosol can

Non-alcohol hand sanitizer available in:
• 8-ounce non-aerosol can
• 32-ounce, 64-ounce and 128-ounce liquid refill bottles


Place enough product on hands to cover all surfaces and rub hands together until dry. Children under 6 years old need to be supervised when using BioProtect hand sanitizer to avoid the risk of swallowing. BioProtect should not be used on children less than 2 months old or on open skin wounds.

Safety Data:

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our safety data sheet

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